Our black latex glove is made with food grade black color and offers the extra protection and resistance needed for sectors such as the F&B and law enforcement, where hygiene management and the prevention of cross-contamination is of utmost importance.


Our nitrile glove is waterproof, oil-proof and chemically resistant.In addition to the traditional 3.5 grams nitrile gloves, we also produce other specialty gloves like the 10 grams nitrile gloves, offering users more rotection with a higher puncture resistance and dexterous strength.

We have received the United States Food & Drug administration (“FDA”) 510(k) clearance for the nitrile medical grade examination gloves in May 2021. The FDA 510(k) certication is a recognition of the high standards of the gloves.


Our latex glove comes with high levels of flexibility, protection, and comfort to protect you from pathogens.